Welcome To Vega Dance+Lab

View the schedule page to see the new class line-up.

Welcome to Vega Dance+Lab dot com! If this is your first time, then you can find everything you need to know about our studio right here on this website. If you have been here before, keep returning for important updates, announcements, dance videos and pictures, and to basically get your fix if you’re jonesing for dance class but can’t get here (shame on you or your boss for keeping you late at work) or we are closed (shame on us)!

Here are general bullet points about the studio:

We are a drop-in studio. You do not have to “register” for a specific class that starts at the beginning of the month and ends 4 weeks later. You may simply buy a package of classes and use them any way you would like until they are used up. (see pricing and policies for further detail.)

We are an adult-based studio. That means we do not accept children or “tweens”. Our general guideline  is 16 and up. Why? Because our average age group is in their 20’s and 30’s, and even a giant handful of people in their 40’s. For real. Also, because sometimes we swear.

We are a DANCE studio. You will learn a DANCE ROUTINE in our classes. Not how to dance at a nightclub. And believe me, if you have ever seen some of us dance in a nightclub, you wouldn’t want to learn how to do it from us.

The schedule here on this website is CURRENT! You will not see dates on it because it is current NO MATTER WHAT THE DATE IS. (Hmm. Are you getting the feeling we get asked this a lot?) Therefore, you will only see a 7-day calendar here. Further, and yes, I think we need a tad further explanation,  if you are looking at the class list under “Monday” and today is Monday, then those are the classes happening today. Whether it’s Monday, in October, or Monday in April.

Stay informed with the latest Vega updates and class videos via Facebook and Twitter!

Lastly, ENJOY! Vega loves you!